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YES -- I'd like a free 30-day trial so I can get instant access to the conference call service, including all the following bells and whistles:

  • 100-Line or 250-Line Conference Bridge
    I will choose how many lines I need below 100 or 250. JUST RIGHT!
  • A Backup Dial-in Number
    So even if the phone company has problems in one part of the country, there's a great chance my hosts and guests can all connect without problems. IMPORTANT!
  • Emergency Backup Number for Hosts and Co-Hosts
    A special backup dial-in number on a DIFFERENT phone company's network, so even if the primary phone company has problems, my co-hosts and I have another way to call in. Plus an ALARM sounds in our operations center automatically so I know the support team will be notified there's a phone-company outtage. PEACE OF MIND!
  • Easy Web-Based Control Center
    I get the world's easiest web-based control center with all the features I need. EASY!
  • Hand-Raising
    My callers can press a button on their touch-tone phone to let me know (via the web control panel) that they want to talk. I can use the web control panel to unmute them and engage... PROFESSIONAL!
  • No Limit on Hosts
    Hosts can ALWAYS dial in, no matter how full the call is... AWESOME!
  • EXCLUSIVE: Dial-Out Feature
    I can have the conference dial up co-hosts, associates, peers, friends, and family - even grandma! No more late-starting calls, or ruined events... WOW!
  • One-Click Recording
    I can start and stop recordings with a single mouse-click, and those recordings will never be overwritten... RADICAL!

I understand my free trial of lasts for 30 days. After, I will be billed at the low membership prices of only $47 a month for the 100-person line, or $67 a month for a 250 person line -- depending on which I select.

Choose Your Conference Call Size

20 Lines
20-Line Conference Call for $27/month
(No charge until after your 30-day free trial)
100 Lines
100-Line Conference Call for $47/month
(No charge until after your 30-day free trial)
250 Lines
250-Line Conference Call for $67/month
(No charge until after your 30-day free trial)

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